9 Clever Ways to Ask Wellness Clients for Reviews

Learn effective ways to ask your busy clients for those precious 5 stars without sounding desperate or annoying.

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Reviews are essential to any local business – but especially so for wellness brands. According to a report by Podium, 93% of customers will read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. Anyone searching the web for a new wellness clinic, yoga studio, or health counselor is making a big investment in their personal well-being. They need to know a brand is properly vouched for before they ever step foot into your local center. A wealth of glittering reviews automatically builds trust and credibility. When a client leaves details about how your services benefited them, it could be far more motivating than anything you may write on your website. 

But how do you ask your busy wellness clients for reviews without sounding desperate or annoying? Here are nine clever ways to get more reviews from your happy clients. 

9 Strategies for Getting Reviews for Your Wellness Service

  1. Ask for reviews immediately after a positive interaction: This is when your customers are most likely to be happy and willing to leave a review. If they just told you they had great results from a treatment or are flying high after a wellness class, that’s the time! You can ask for reviews in person, over the phone, or in an email.
  2. Make it easy for clients to leave reviews: Add a link to your Google My Business or Yelp profile to your website, email signature, and social media pages. This will make it easy for customers to find your profiles and leave a review. QR codes are super helpful for in-person clients who can quickly scan them and leave that precious review. 
  3. Offer incentives for reviews: This could be a discount on their next wellness treatment, a free product, or even a bottle of homemade aromatherapy oil. Just be sure that the incentive is not so valuable that it seems like you are bribing customers for reviews. You can also provide value by sharing useful tips, insights, or resources that can help your clients solve their health and wellness problems or achieve their goals. According to a survey by WebsiteBuilder.org, customer reviews can increase conversions by 270% when they receive extra value for their reviews.
  4. Personalize your requests for reviews: Address clients by name and mention something specific about their experience with your wellness center. If you can mention what you learned or gained through the process of working on them, that will make a great impression. All this will make them feel more appreciated and more likely to leave a review.
  5. Testimonial Reels: Ask some of your most dedicated clients if they’ll leave you a video review, and make it easy for them to do so. Provide clear instructions – you don’t need to get fancy. A simple selfie video will do. You can edit these reviews into a highlight reel you can feature on your website, Google My Business, and social media channels. 
  6. Use social media & email to promote your reviews: Share your reviews on your social media pages and in your email newsletters. You may mention that a particular client was motivated to book a session with you after reading that particular review. Encourage your followers to leave their own reviews.
  7. Get creative with the way you display your reviews: You could use a rotating display at your center, create a special section on your website, or even print out your reviews and hang them on your walls.
  8. Follow up with loyal clients who have not yet left a review: Send them a reminder email or text message asking them to leave a review. Remind them how important this is for helping other people to find your business. Chances are loyal clients will be happy you reminded them to leave a review.

Bonus Tip: Respond to All Your Reviews

Respond to reviews promptly and professionally. This shows potential customers that you value their feedback and are committed to providing excellent customer service. It also helps you rank higher on Google and other search engines. 

Stay Consistent in Your Quest for Reviews

Requesting reviews can be tedious. Most wellness professionals don’t want to waste the time they could put into helping their clients by trying to push their clients for reviews. Many may put in some effort for a while and then forget about it. But it’s super important to stay consistent, so set reminders to follow up for those precious reviews. 

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