Don’t Let Your Website Hold Your Business Back

Your website is often your first impression. It's temping to push off optimizing your site, but that can be holding back your business.

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Like Cars, Websites Are Too Techie

Some guys treat their cars like their babies. When they’re on the road they have nothing to worry about. But most of us are the opposite with our cars, and for many wellness business owners, it’s often how we are with our website. But your website is very often the first engagement anyone will have with your business. If your website feels like an old clunker it can be hurting your business.

Just as ignoring a car’s mechanical issues can lead to bigger problems down the road, neglecting your website’s optimization can harm your wellness business. A strong online presence is akin to a well-oiled machine – essential for smooth operation and success. However, many business owners find the world of web development intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming. Maybe you hired someone to build your site and it was a frustrating and expensive ordeal. Or you tried to DIY your site and for some reason, it just isn’t getting found on Google or getting people interested in your business. This article explores these concerns and offers practical solutions to help you navigate the digital landscape confidently.

The Intimidating World of Web Development

Imagine driving a car that’s overdue for maintenance; it may function, but not efficiently or safely. Similarly, an underdeveloped website can hinder a business’s growth. Instead of motivating visitors to give you business, it confuses them and leads them to your competition. And instead of getting found at the top of Google, your site is hidden deep somewhere on page 2 of the search results and Maps.

The complexity and perceived high cost of web development often deter business owners. But by understanding the necessity and potential Return On Investment (ROI), taking the plunge into web development becomes a strategic investment rather than a daunting expense.

Navigating the Web Development Marketplace

Finding a reliable web developer can feel as daunting as finding a trustworthy mechanic who’s not going to nickel and dime you. Additionally, there are web developers, who like shady mechanics, will damage the very thing you need them to fix. Web developers who use black-hat techniques promise to get you high on Google by using spammy links and other techniques that will ultimately hurt your rankings on search engines.

Also, the last thing we want when getting our car checked is a list of other repairs we didn’t think we needed. And the same goes for web optimization. You might have thought you just needed to fix your home page but then the list of repairs comes for your SEO configuration, email integration, web hosting, web security, and ninety-nine other problems you didn’t know you had.

Then there’s the dreaded quote – and that shrinking feeling of inadequacy when you have no idea if the proposal is even remotely close to a fair price. Many business owners get stuck with mediocre websites because they struggle with identifying trustworthy web developers who offer services at reasonable rates. Yet, like a good mechanic, a proficient developer can prevent the higher costs associated with poor-quality work.

The Effort Involved in Website Optimization

Just as regular car maintenance requires effort to ensure its longevity, website optimization is crucial for online success. Such maintenance includes:

  • Adding new pages for new services
  • Updating information (such as hours, location, phone number, personnel) that has changed
  • Updating web hosting, security, and software (especially if you are using WordPress)
  • Implementing new design standards (so that your visitors know you’re not still in the 90’s)
  • Updating and properly linking Google Business Manager, Yelp, and other web directories
  • Interlinking new pages and blogs
  • Fixing broken links
  • Adding Schema-markup
  • Building more FAQ’s

The process might seem overwhelming and DIY efforts are tempting, but they often fall short compared to the expertise provided by a trustworthy professional.

The DIY Trap: Why Business Owners Shouldn’t Go It Alone

Many business owners believe they can build and optimize their websites independently, akin to a car owner attempting complex repairs without proper knowledge. This approach often leads to websites that fail to attract and convert visitors due to subpar design, ineffective SEO, and poor functionality. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, especially if you are knowledgeable of the basics of web development. But if your personality is not like the grease monkey excited to get his wrenches out on the weekend, then it’s better to get it done by someone who can do it right.

Overcoming the Overwhelm: Making Time for Your Website

Running a business is time-consuming and for many, incredibly overwhelming. But your business is of tremendous value to those who seek your services. You need to leverage your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. But don’t sacrifice the business for mediocre infrastructure like your website. The freedom that comes from growing your business truly depends on reaching people and motivating them to connect with you. In that respect, a trustworthy web developer who can get you found on Google is truly as valuable as the best mechanic in town.

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