A Healer’s Legacy: The Father of the Feldenkrais Method

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The Feldenkrais Method In Action

The Feldernkrais method has helped millions of people, including the developer himself.

The Feldenkrais method looks at the bio-mechanics of the human body with a holistic view of muscle and joint function. Dr. Feldenkrais’ therapy’s are now used by thousands of therapists and fitness professionals throughout the world. The technique is helping victims of injuries, children with developmental ailments, and people facing conditions associated with aging.

Athletes and gymnast are also among those incorporating Feldenkrais techniques to optimize performance and health.

Today there are over 6,000 Feldenkrais practitioners around the world. They consider themselves to be educators, who help people use their bodies in a more holistic way. These educators successful battle chronic pain and other issues. And you’ll be amazed at how perfect they can get your posture!

Sharing Your Unique Healing With the World

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