Hey Google: “Get Me Clients For My Secret Sauce”

When our healing techniques are ahead of the times we need to educate people to catch up.

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Wellness brands, in all their myriad beautiful forms, offer tremendous value in the lives of those they serve. They aren’t just riding a trend, but are continuously innovating and discovering new and creative ways to bring healing and wellness to those they serve. Yet often their secret sauce, like a unique revolutionary treatment or modality, is such a secret that our community doesn’t even know to search Google for it. As a result, our high-value offerings are not easily found online.

What we need is a dual strategy that allows us to leverage what our community is searching for, and at the same time educate our community about our incredibly unique offer.

Let’s take for example a chiropractor that specializes in functional movement therapy. Google search volume related to functional movement therapy is very small compared to chiropractics. So a great way to get patients in the door is to make pages on your website that focus on the pain points of the patient – making sure to use keywords that they are searching for, eg. back pain, muscle aches, etc.

Google Trends Chiropractic vs. functional movement screenshot

You can indicate that you incorporate several techniques including functional movement on these pages, making sure to link to your other pages that discuss functional movement in more detail. But don’t overly focus on those terms because they can confuse someone who is not familiar with them. You wouldn’t want someone who is looking for chiropractic treatment to mistakenly think you cannot help them because you are a functional movement therapist and not a chiropractor.

Now here’s the kicker. Once a client expresses interest in your brand, such as by making an appointment or joining your email list (more about email marketing for your local wellness brand here), take the opportunity to educate them about the unique value of your particular modality. In this way, they will come to appreciate the higher value of your offer.

When it comes to health & wellness there is a lot of education that needs to happen, and as an expert in your modality, you are in the best position to teach on many levels. Your blog, your email newsletter, and your social media channels may readily come to mind. But one other important avenue for public education that pros like you should not shy away from is reaching out to journalists and larger media channels. When we educate others about a promising technique that they never heard about before we bring greater knowledge of well-being to the world, and raise our professional profile in the process.

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