Wellness and the Consciousness of life

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Deep inside we know that within these moments, all those we experienced in our past and all that lay ahead, lies the sum total of life. We, Conscious of it, know that these moments could be rich and deep, or could be mediocre and stale- that what we experience and how we experience depends on our attitudes and choices. Just as one has a choice to be reading a mindless gossip article or to be absorbed by a pointless videoclip during family dinner, so too can we choose to be fully present with our loved ones and to live inspired states of consciousness. We know that to live a mediocre life is to miss out on the realness, the love, the purity, the vibrancy and the grandeur that life offers. We know it and yet, in the rush and routine, we forget. We aspire, therefore, to actively sustain this attitude and anchor it to our days and choices, and to be one with ourselves and with the environment.

This truth is fully in our reach and all it takes it to maintain its presence in our minds.  All we are is the sum of our own unfolding moments. To be Conscious to the unfolding is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, and the foundation of all gratitude.

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